Why Is Content Now So Disposable?

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Remember when posting anything on the internet meant something? The thought, effort and timing was deliberated and fussed over. Edit after edit made, with a looming sense of uncertainty.

‘Will the internet like this?’

Well, these days people are a lot more comfortable pressing the ‘send’ button and publishing to the big wide world. Micro-publishing platforms like Twitter and Tumblr began this practice. Snapchat, Instagram’s Stories and similar publishing platforms have come along as well and made photo and video content even more disposable. It’s fleeting. There are less consequences since the context expires. This was once a new trend, I’m even sure people used to wonder how their ten second videos would be received. However, people care less than ever and its normal. Why is this so?

Marketers and advertisers were once gatekeepers to a brand. They maintained a squeaky clean facade, so regular folk couldn’t see the behind-the-scenes chaos which most business’ thrive in. Now, consumers want to peer in through the curtain. They want authenticity. Disposable content facilitates this as it vanishes after a certain amount of time. The incriminating evidence removes itself.

The exclusive nature of disposable content is enticing too. Audiences have to remain loyal to stay up-to-date to not miss out on anything brilliant. The people behind brands are now allowed to appear more vulnerable and if it’s not successful, then they move onto the next message. Disposable content is a double-edged sword. Even if messages make a positive impact, they also disappear. So brands have to continuously produce good, quality content to hold a market’s attention.

So should you whip out your smartphone and start documenting? The answer depends on your market. If say you’re in business to business, then an unflattering glimpse at your working life may lead to irreparable damage to your reputation. Long-term, strong business relationships are built over time with impressive feats which are well-presented. These partnerships still rely on prestige and professionalism. However, consumers who are looking to spend their money quick and harmlessly, are not so discerning. A simple, entertaining clip might be enough to grab their attention and convince them to shop with you.

Obviously, these are simple suggestions and your business may need a fine-tuned strategy. If you want to discuss if disposable content is right for you, contact tprmedia.


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