The Lion King & DVATE

MELBOURNE - The Challenge

Filming the behind the scenes of local Melbourne street Artist painting a mural that would stretch the height of the Regent Theatre.

BRISBANE - The Challenge

The team was engaged to film the commissioned artwork for The Lion King by local contemporary fine artist, Matt Stewart.

With the world’s number one musical now making its way to Melbourne, The Lion King’s lively stage adaptation of the Academy Award-winning 1994 Disney film was looking to make a splash.  The task was to design a marketing strategy that would raise interest and anticipation for the programme.

The Creative Solution

The team collaborated with regional artist DVATE to produce a sizable mural featuring characters from The Lion King. The painting was put up on the wall of a structure in the middle of Melbourne, and it immediately gained popularity among tourists. 

Additionally, the crew recorded the show’s opening evenings and produced television and social media promotional trailers.

For the Brisbane gig, we were tapped to do the same with local artist, Matt Stewart

The Lion King musical’s marketing efforts in both cities were successful because they were original, interesting, and focused. The advertising helped to sell out the opening nights by creating a lot of enthusiasm and anticipation for the performance.

Disney’s Aladdin

The Challenge

On the back of the successes between TPR Media & The Walt Disney Company’s The Lion King. We were honored to be invited to come back and film for 3 weeks straight each day the behind the scenes footage leading up to the opening night. The Capitol Theatre in Sydney, Australia was scheduled to host the premiere of Disney’s Aladdin. The challenge was to increase interest in the play and ticket sales among the Australian audience. The task was to make the show distinctive in Australia since it had already been seen in London and New York.
Filming of the Electronic Press Kit (EPK)
Sydney Opening Night Footage
Filming of the Perth TVC in Brisbane at QPAC
Filming of the Brisbane Media Launch
Filming of Aladdin Cast at Brisbane’s Eat Street Markets
Filming of Aladdin Cast training for the stage in Brisbane
End of the Australian Tour

The Creative Solution

TPR Media was enlisted to produce behind-the-scenes videos in order to distinguish the programme and build buzz among the Australian audience. The videos would demonstrate the effort that went into creating the performance as well as the minute elements that the audience could overlook while it was being performed.

In close collaboration with the production crew, the company produced a number of videos that showed off everything from the casting procedure to the stage design. Social media users shared these videos, which raised awareness of and interest in the programme.

The company also assisted in documenting the anticipation and buzz around the play as opening night neared. The gathering outside the theatre, the celebrities arriving on the red carpet, and the audience members’ reactions to the performance were all captured on camera.

When the show debuted in Brisbane and Melbourne, the company similarly followed the same procedure there. The company assisted in generating interest in the play and boosting ticket sales by producing behind-the-scenes footage and capturing the enthusiasm of the opening night.

Overall, the firm’s creative solution of showcasing the behind-the-scenes of the production and capturing the excitement of the opening night was a huge success. The show generated a lot of excitement and interest, leading to packed houses and longer runs.

Disney’s Frozen

The Challenge

Disney Theatrical Productions is a division of The Walt Disney Company that produces stage musicals based on Disney films. In 2018, Disney Theatrical Productions announced that it would be bringing its hit Broadway musical Frozen to Australia. The musical had already been a huge success in the United States, and Disney was eager to replicate that success in Australia.

The challenge for Disney Theatrical Productions was to create a national TV commercial that would generate excitement and anticipation for the upcoming Australian tour of Frozen. The commercial needed to appeal to a wide audience, including families with young children, teenagers, and adults. It also needed to capture the magic and wonder of the musical.

The footage:

The Creative Solution

TPR Media was the first Australian agency to be engaged by Disney Theatrical to film the TV commercial for Frozen. TPR Media has a long history of producing successful TV commercials, and they were up for the challenge of creating a commercial that would capture the magic of Frozen.

The TPR Media team worked closely with Disney Theatrical Productions to develop a creative concept for the commercial. The concept was to create a commercial that would transport viewers to the world of Frozen. The commercial would feature stunning visuals, beautiful music, and heartwarming moments.


The TPR Media commercial for Frozen was a huge success. The commercial generated excitement and anticipation for the upcoming Australian tour of the musical. The commercial also helped to increase ticket sales. As a result of the commercial, Frozen became one of the most successful musicals in Australian history.

Bolshoi Ballet at QPAC

The Challenge

The Bolshoi Ballet, one of the most prestigious ballet companies in the world, returned to Brisbane in 2019 for the first time since 2013. The company performed two ballets, Spartacus and Jewels, for Australian audiences.  

The Bolshoi Ballet needed a media team to work with behind the scenes and opening night. They tapped TPR Media to do it.

The Creative Solution

The team filmed the arrival of the Bolshoi Ballet dancers, the excitement of the audience, and the performance itself.

After the performance, TPR Media edited the footage into a short video that captured the excitement of the night. The video was then uploaded to the Bolshoi Ballet’s social media channels. 

The video was a huge success. It was viewed over 100,000 times and generated a significant amount of interest in the Bolshoi Ballet. The video helped to drive ticket sales for the rest of the company’s Australian tour.

Cirque du Soleil

The Challenge

A well-known entertainment organisation that creates top-notch circus performances Cirque du Soleil was scheduled to appear in Brisbane, Australia.  And in order to commemorate Cirque du Soleil’s arrival, Brisbane Marketing and Brisbane City Council wanted to design a colourful gift for the city.

Creative Solution

To develop an original and unforgettable experience for them, the group collaborated with local modern artist Matt Stewart while he painted a substantial mural on Kingsford-Smith Drive. The mural’s vivid colours and intricate motifs were influenced by Cirque du Soleil performances. The team captured the entire process and story behind the stunning artwork.

The team filmed the opening night as well as their promotional reels for socials and TV.  The team’s efforts produced favourable media coverage and helped build anticipation for Cirque du Soleil’s arrival in Brisbane.

Prince Charles Hospital Foundation

The Challenge

We were given the opportunity to take the previous years research report and “give it some shimmy and flare while understanding the nature and audience” of the book.

The Creative Solution

The creative team met with the client and his staff to decide on a direction based on the brief. The solution was straight out of our senior graphic designer’s amazing mind. We kept the greater and vital layout, but changed the style of imagery, and added more creative and inspiring photography. We then put together a brief of the new look for the client’s approval. tprmedia was commissioned to do the next year’s research report.

Aston Martin Vulcan Project

The Challenge

With the world’s number one musical coming to Melbourne, Disney’s The Lion King was looking to make a splash. 

The Creative Solution

Working with local artist DVATE, documenting the production and installation of a truly incredible artwork to launch the production in Melbourne was created. 


The Challenge

How do you form a strong emotional connection with your customers when you are one of the premier nano-coating companies in Australia? How do you make that very technical and detailed process that happens out of sight into something that potential customers want to be a part of and share in the passion?

These were just some of the questions put to tprmedia in the initial meeting.

The Creative Solution

Fast cars, drones and the same level of detail taken to create videos that grab peoples attention and show them a taste of the process that they usually do not see. The interaction with these videos was so high that many more have now been created for Opti-Coat.

Digital Strategy – Eureka Furniture

The Challenge

A proud Queensland owned family retailer came to us with the knowledge that the landscape was shifting and it was time to get ahead of the competition. Traditional media channels were increasingly expensive and losing viewers.

The Creative Solution

After proving our skills across the digital space in the first couple of years, we have forged a very strong relationship and consider ourselves part of their team. Having managed all parts of their digital strategy and continually innovating and leading the industry we are proud of our relationship with Eureka Street Furniture.

With over triple the showrooms from when we were engaged in 2010 we’ve been proud to help this great Queensland company grow now and into the future.

Teatro Alla Scala Ballet at QPAC

The Challenge

Teatro Alla Scala, one of the oldest and most renowned ballet companies in the world, was invited to give a performance at Brisbane, Australia’s Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC). The organisation was thrilled to have the chance to play for a new audience.  They needed to put together a behind-the-scenes production that would adequately convey the thrill and artistry of the company’s work.

The Creative Solution

Teatro Alla Scala turned to TPR Media to help create the behind-the-scenes production. TPR Media worked closely with Teatro Alla Scala for the task that would appeal to both opera and ballet fans. The production included footage of the company’s rehearsals, interviews with the dancers and musicians, and behind-the-scenes glimpses of the theatre. The production also featured stunning visuals of Milan and Brisbane.

The behind-the-scenes production was a huge success as it helped to generate excitement for Teatro Alla Scala’s performance at QPAC. The production also helped to raise awareness of the company’s commitment to excellence.

Douglas Chemists

The Challenge

Douglas Chemists has been in business for more than 50 years and has built a strong reputation as a trustworthy provider of first-rate medical products and services. But given the rise of online shopping and the heightened competition in the sector, the company realised they had to up their online game in order to remain relevant.

The Creative Solution

We created a thorough strategy that covers website design, copywriting, graphic design, photography, and filming. We started by conducting a detailed analysis of the brand identity and target market in order to decide on the most effective plan to improve the company’s online visibility.

Our designers developed a fresh, contemporary website that showcases the business’ wide array of goods and services, including prescription drugs, nutritional supplements, and cosmetics items. The website is user-friendly on mobile devices, has high-quality photography that demonstrates the business’ dedication to quality and customer happiness, and is mobile-friendly.

Our copywriters created engaging content that is consistent with the company’s brand message and addresses its target market. We also developed a special testimonials page that emphasizes employee endorsements and promotes the company’s excellent culture. This page serves as a living example of the company’s dedication to excellence and customer happiness.

Increasing client engagement and boosting sales, our team’s excellent photography and videography services captured the soul of the business’s goods and services. Additionally, we produced original artwork and graphics that support the company’s branding and aid in the promotion of its goods and services on various digital platforms.


We were able to develop a cutting-edge and engaging online presence that contributed to the growth of the company’s brand awareness and clientele by offering a comprehensive solution that addressed Douglas Chemists’ website build, graphic designs, photography, videography, copywriting, and marketing strategy needs. Along with serving as tangible evidence of the company’s excellent corporate culture, the new website assisted in setting the business apart from its rivals and solidified its position as an authority in the field.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

The Challenge

TPR Media was tapped to create behind-the-scenes video production leading to the show Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in Australia. The challenge was to build interest and gain more ticket sales for the shows.

The Creative Solution

TPR Media made the decision to produce a number of behind-the-scenes videos to show fans what goes into producing these incredible stage shows. The shows included footage of the rehearsal process as well as interviews with the actors and staff. This increased viewers’ excitement for the shows by giving them a special and personal connection to them.

The making-of videos were extremely popular. They helped to increase ticket sales by creating a lot of noise and enthusiasm among audiences. Both performances were sold out and received positive reviews.

This case study demonstrates the power of behind-the-scenes content when it comes to building interest in a stage show. By giving fans a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes, TPR Media was able to make them feel more connected to the shows and more excited to see them. Additionally, the videos helped to create a sense of anticipation and excitement for the shows, which helped to drive ticket sales.


The Challenge

TPR Media faced the task of generating interest and boosting ticket sales for the Australian production of Hamilton by creating the behind-the-scenes video production.

The Creative Solution

In response, TPR Media opted to produce a series of behind-the-scenes videos, providing fans with a glimpse into the intricate process of bringing these remarkable stage shows to life. The videos featured rehearsals and interviews with the cast and crew, fostering a personal and exclusive connection with viewers.

The behind-the-scenes videos quickly gained popularity, generating significant buzz and enthusiasm among audiences. As a result, both performances sold out and garnered positive reviews, ultimately leading to increased ticket sales.

This case study exemplifies the effectiveness of behind-the-scenes content in piquing interest for a stage show. By offering fans an insider’s perspective, TPR Media successfully deepened their connection to the production and heightened their anticipation to witness it firsthand. Moreover, the videos helped cultivate a sense of excitement and anticipation, driving ticket sales.

Drummer Queens

The Challenge

Drummer Queens is a new musical show that is set to premiere in a major city. The producers of the show are looking for a way to generate excitement and buzz for the show, and they have tapped TPR Media to help them create an EPK and cover the opening night.

The Creative Solution

TPR Media came up with a creative solution that would allow them to achieve both of the producers’ goals. They created an EPK that was both visually stunning and informative. The EPK featured interviews with the cast and crew, behind-the-scenes footage of the show, and performances of some of the songs from the show. The EPK was so well-received that it was picked up by several major media outlets, which helped to generate a lot of excitement for the show

In addition to creating the EPK, TPR Media also covered the opening night of the show. They filmed the hype and excitement of the crowd, as well as the performances of the cast. The footage from the opening night was edited into a video that was then run out on the producers’ social media channels.

TPR Media’s creative solution was a huge success for Drummer Queens. The EPK and the opening night video marketing assisted in building anticipation and hype for the performance, which greatly increased ticket sales.  TPR Media’s work on Drummer Queens is a great example of how creative thinking can be used to achieve marketing goals.

Saturday Night Fever

The Challenge

TPR Media’s main obstacle was coming up with a clever strategy that would successfully advertise the Saturday Night Fever Musical and encourage potential theatregoers to buy tickets. They also had to make an engaging film that captured the essence of the opening night performance and aroused viewers’ curiosity and excitement.

Footage of TVC filmed for Saturday Night Fever

Creative Solution

With numerous cameras, TPR Media meticulously focused on the audience reactions, backstage activities, and thrilling moments during the performance as they documented the opening night experience. The goal of this strategy was to completely immerse the audience in the musical’s atmosphere, creating a sense of anticipation and making them feel involved in the performance.

Potential theatregoers felt a sense of urgency and excitement since the video piece captured the excitement and energy of the opening night so well.

The Bodyguard

The Challenge

TPR Media’s task was to create a TV commercial for The Bodyguard Musical, as well as cover the opening night and create a video piece to be shared on social media channels to drive ticket sales.

The Creative Solution

TPR Media developed a comprehensive strategy to maximise the impact of their TV commercial and opening night coverage, ensuring a successful promotion for The Bodyguard Musical.

TPR Media sent out a group of expert videographers on opening night to capture the event from a variety of perspectives. Throughout the performance, they filmed the audience’s responses as well as the crowd’s excitement and red carpet arrivals. TPR Media simultaneously urged guests to participate on social media by utilising hashtags and geotags related to the event. This promoted in-the-moment communication and led to the creation of user-generated material, expanding the event’s audience.

With thousands of likes, shares, and comments, the social media campaign drove engagement. Due to the increased demand created by TPR Media’s innovative solution, ticket sales saw a substantial increase, and the musical was able to have performances that were sold out and had longer run times.

Beautiful Carole King Musical

The Challenge

TPR Media was presented with a dual challenge regarding the Beautiful Carole King Musical. The first task was to create a behind-the-scenes video production that showcased the making of the musical, providing viewers with a unique insight into the creative process. 

The second challenge involved covering the opening night of the musical, capturing the hype and excitement, and editing it into a captivating video piece to be shared across TPR Media’s social media channels to drive ticket sales.

Creative Solution

TPR Media came up with a thorough and interesting strategy to tackle the problems the Beautiful Carole King Musical project threw at it.

TPR Media worked closely with the Beautiful Carole King Musical production team to fully comprehend the show’s essential elements and important moments.

The Team used cutting-edge tools and procedures to record crystal-clear audio and spectacular pictures. They used a variety of camera perspectives, including drone shots, to give spectators a dynamic and engaging experience.

The Team used cutting-edge tools and procedures to record crystal-clear audio and spectacular pictures. They used a variety of camera perspectives, including drone shots, to give spectators a dynamic and engaging experience.

TPR Media strategically released the promotional video across their social media channels immediately after the event. They utilised targeted advertising, captivating captions, and interactive elements to encourage viewers to share and engage with the content, effectively driving ticket sales.

Opening Nights:

Mamma Mia, Matilda, Priscilla: Queen of the Desert, Kinky Boots, West Side Story, Muriel’s Wedding, The Ten Tenors, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Come from Away, School of Rock The Musical

The Challenge

In a span of 15 years, several performances contacted TPR Media to assist with building awareness and boosting ticket sales for their various opening nights. The task includes capturing the excitement and energy of the live performances, transforming them into compelling video pieces that could be shared on social media platforms and increase ticket sales further.

The Creative Solution

TPR Media’s creative solution helped these stage productions to achieve their goals of increasing ticket sales and generating excitement for the show. The video was a powerful tool that helped to build anticipation and create a sense of community around the event.

TPR Media’s expertise in video production and social media marketing was a valuable asset to these theatre companies. They were able to create a video that was both engaging and effective, and they helped to ensure that the opening night show was a success as well as increase the ticket revenue.

Movie Premiere - Into the Woods

The Challenge

The Into the Woods movie was a highly anticipated release, and TPR Media was tasked with creating hype for the opening night. The challenge was to create a campaign that would generate excitement and buzz among audiences.

Creative Solution

Since Disney’s Lion King Broadway is in town, TPR Media decided to partner with its cast to create a unique and memorable experience for fans. The whole cast attended the first screening of the movie, and they filmed the hype leading up to the opening night. This gave fans a behind-the-scenes look at the movie and the cast, and it generated a lot of excitement and anticipation.

The campaign was a huge success. The film created a significant amount of anticipation and enthusiasm among viewers, resulting in heightened buzz and a boost in ticket sales. The movie opened to rave reviews and was a box office hit.

Movie Premiere

Mission: Impossible - Fallout

The Challenge

The objective for TPR Media was to effectively engage viewers and persuade them to watch the movie “Mission: Impossible – Fallout” while capturing the excitement and anticipation of the target demographic for the film. Through the use of social media outlets, the main goal was to raise ticket sales and revenue.

The Creative Solution

The team devised a creative solution that included a multifaceted video production campaign intended to entice the target demographic and spread word about the film.

The team created a teaser video that showcased the opening night premier with its loud, heart-pumping traditional music theme. This teaser was strategically released on various social media platforms to generate excitement and intrigue among the target audience.

The team achieved remarkable results in promoting “Mission: Impossible – Fallout” and boosted ticket sales and revenue.