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When it comes to reach, there’s nothing more explosive than the power of social media, and thanks to the digital era, this growth is only further exploding. And that’s why it’s time for businesses to jump onboard once and for all.

No matter your industry, niche or objectives, your potential audience is massive within the online space. With over 16 million Australians using mobile devices and computers to consumer content each and every day, tapping into an ‘ever-on’ audience is paramount for business success.

In fact, the most recent data shows that there are 15 million active Australians busily communicating away on Facebook, while YouTube receives 15 million unique Australian visitors every single month.
And then there’s Instagram – the wildly popular, visual-based platform that sees around 9 million monthly active Australian users engaging away; while other apps like LinkedIn (4.2 million active monthly users) and Snapchat (4 million daily active Australian users) are also rising to prominence.

Those are massive figures to take into consideration, and when you’re drafting up new marketing strategies, these are ones to put at the forefront of your tactics.

So as a business, how can you make use of this user behaviour?

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    Utilising a social media marketing agency to explode your growth

    When it comes to social media, creating a business page and listing your products and services won’t exactly cut it. It’s not a set-and-forget avenue, and the demand for strategy, maintenance and monitoring in this space is huge.

    That’s where we come in.

    Effectively helping you to broadcast your brand in conjunction with the powerful offering that these platforms bring, we’ll help you to engage your target audience and increase your exposure both offline and online.

    As an experienced social media marketing agency in Brisbane, our team can assist in a raft of ways. From optimising and monitoring your business’ Facebook presence, through to engaging with specific targeting to land your brand on the most important newsfeeds on Instagram – we place a heavy focus on quality conversions, enticing users to not only click through to your website but make purchases while they are there.

    Going beyond posts with social media management

    Some audiences – like millennials – don’t appreciate advertising across the board, so crafting a strategy that drives your messages (without going overboard with the hard-sell) can become a bit of an art-form. The good news? Around 60 percent of millennials don’t mind marketing if it is delivered by a brand or personality that they know and trust…enter social media marketing.

    Crafted by our experts in-house at our Brisbane agency (but servicing across Melbourne and wider Australia), our social media campaigns are more than just a bunch of posts thrown up on your profile. With end-to-end strategy allowing you to cut through the digital noise and establish engagement in its most authentic form, we’ll help you supercharge your brand’s digital presence.

    Our process for building engagement on social media

    For many, the focus on social media is centred around building a large audience, but that doesn’t come without careful strategising and nurturing. While having thousands of people follow you on these channels will benefit your exposure, you first have to gain the trust and loyalty of those you’re conversing (and targeting) with.

    Engagement is the critical marker here. Using our suite of hidden talents, our social media management experts will get your audience commenting, engaging and sharing your posts when it matters most.

    Best of all, instead of just delivering you a list of numbers that don’t correlate to anything, we’ll show you how they translate to your bottom line and return on investment.

    Got 100,000 people following your profile? Great. How’s that engagement? If your posts are looking a little lonely, it’s time to invest in a two-street conversation with your audience. And it just so happens that we like a bit of quality banter.

    Why choose tprmedia?

    We offer a value-for-money service that supports your vision to increase your presence on social media and translate this success into conversions and sales.

    Based in Brisbane (and servicing across Melbourne and Australia), our experienced team at our social media marketing agency works meticulously on building graphics, content and cinematics that stand out and promote engagement. The end-result? A strategy that attracts an audience that is more likely to comment, share and react to the posts.

    Our aim is to help your business build authentic trust with your prospects, through the power of influential social media management that turns engaged audiences into repeat customers.

    Contact tprmedia today to speak to our team about the options that best suit your business. We have options available for all levels of business, from major corporations to mum and dad operations – all at price points to suit your budget. Call 1800 896 599 now.