TV Commercial Production

TV ads that connect with your audience and convert

TVC production, an established and powerful medium to drive action

We have worked with agencies from around Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and Brisbane. This work has put TPR Media on the map as a producer of TVC’s that are visually stunning, drive interaction and produce ROI for our clients. 

Creating concepts that connect with the audience and create a positive memory of the brand. Our team produces TVC’s we know your competitors will envy.

TPR Media’s TVC portfolio represents high-profile projects across the board, our production team form a respected industry player.

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    Our process as a TV commercial production company

    During the preliminary process, we get to know your brand. Unifying our creative minds with your marketing and business objectives. 

    We start the journey with you to create a captivating and visually stunning ad. 

    Our process in summary:

    Concept through collaborationThis is the creative discovery phase where ideas and dreams are brought to the table. We believe in telling a story. Our team of experienced and brilliant creatives will share their knowledge and love of the video production art with you. 

    Pre-Production with passion – this is the where you will start to see the hard work and experience of our pros will come to the fore.

    Production and Delivery given with excitement – our team strives to shine and produce a product that will create a smile on your dial because there is already one on ours. This is how we know we’ve hit the mark.

    Keen to get started?

    We know you have a big idea boiling away in your mind, so let us unleash it and create it into something truly impressive. Utilise the expertise of our talented team, all lined up and ready to go at our agency in Brisbane – servicing all across Sydney, Melbourne and Australia.

    Not sure where to start? We can help with that too. Give us a call on 1800 896 599 for a no-obligation discussion on your goals, vision and best approach – all through a TV commercial production company that knows the space like the back of our hands.

    Why it’s worth investing in TVC production creatives

    We understand an advertising campaign can be restricted by budget, however, let us tell you why it’s worth the extra expense to avoid creating one of ‘those’ ads. The ones we have all watched and cringed. We believe in creating powerful storytelling and truly professional TVC’s reflecting all that is valuable and wonderful about your brand.

    As the old saying goes ‘Presentation is Everything’ when a stranger to your brand is seeing it for the first time, this is when you want to make your best impression. You wouldn’t wrap a Tiffanys ring in Newspaper, you wouldn’t wear a tie to play rugby.

    This is where a team of amazing creatives like ours here at TPR Media come in, to see the blind spots you as the owner of the brand may be missing, to find the elements that will present your brand to the viewer with that perfect light.

    Still on the fence? Here are a few extra reasons to invest in TVC

    When choosing the right TVC production company your ad will be created to support and complement your existing marketing plans and goals. We will ensure we respect and add value to them. Reinforcing the display of your brand to your audience.

    Statistics show the TVC is still one of the most valuable channels (sic) to relay your brand and product/service. People are still consuming TV and are doing this in a more diverse way than ever before.

    TV is now portable, which means your ads are too. Have your TVC production displayed on any device, anytime.

    Audiences you may have missed with your digital marketing may be accessed with TVC’s, so using this opportunity to grab their attention is crucial.

    From the brainstorming phase through to going live – we’re there

    Based in Brisbane, tprmedia is a TV advertising production agency that spans across Australia, – including Sydney, Melbourne and all major capital cities – creating projects that impress. We’re all about that ‘wow factor’, and as cliche as that might be to say, it’s the perfect way to sum up what we do: we ‘wow’ audiences.

    From the outset, we’ll work with you on your initial brainstorm to ensure that your vision for your TVC production fits the overall plan you’ve got lined up. Giving transparent guidance and honest insights, we’ll help you best maximise the end result, so you get the most out of your return on investment.

    With a long list of experience and a few impressive CVs under our belt, we’ll help you produce high-end TV ads that put your business on display in all the right ways.