The Age of Artificial Intelligence

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Technology is taking over. It’s no longer surprising, people are coming to terms with it. The industries we know now will never be the same. They’re changing before our eyes, every minute of the day. One of the biggest contenders currently is artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence (AI) currently slots into the marketing and advertising industry easier than many other industries. According to Tech Emergence, these are some of the ways the industry is impacted:


Many people are unaware that Google is essentially the largest advertising platform in the world. Search engines now have the capability of personalising your entire search experience, giving you exactly what you’re after, and giving you exactly what they are after. Information is filtered to maximise conversions and companies compete in a bid to get your clicks.


A recent extension of search engines is recommendation engines. Aside from tracking your history to tailor recommendations, AI software now allows data to be drawn from various types of intrinsic online behaviour that are assessed over millions of users to generate scarily accurate recommendations.


The nature of the advertising industry as a whole has dramatically changed. This new system focuses on an automated process between advertisers and publishers, in which ad inventory is bought and sold through ad exchanges. AI introduces real-time bidding to effectively reach your target market.


AI is being increasingly used to predict success in the marketing industry. Business intelligence and prediction software allow companies to stay on track and constantly improve and monitor their marketing efforts.


This AI development has become second nature to an abundance of consumers, using this in daily life. However, it is evident that this is only set to further develop with the recent introduction of image and face recognition aiding technology.

With technology playing a bigger role than ever before in the industries that shape how we consume, it is important to step back and recognise these developments.

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