Does Your Digital Marketing Deliver?

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The rise of digital media has shifted the marketing and advertising landscape as we know it. The newfound ability to reach consumers on a personal and interactive level has seen great advances. Considering digital advertising spend accounts for about 50% of all ad spend in Australia, you’d expect this to be working wonders.

But, it appears that people still don’t like ads.

The general consensus is that ads have become more “annoying” than ever. With the ability to track consumer’s digital habits on another level, companies have the ability to target consumers like never before. This can become an absolute nightmare for consumers, who cannot escape brands that they may have absolutely zero interest in. Plenty of companies forget the strategy behind marketing and have become too focused on mass coverage and excessive targeting. But just because someone has seen your ad 40 times does not mean they resonate with nor have any desire to engage with your brand. This is where the focus still needs to lie.

So, how can companies and brands ensure that their digital ad spend is doing them any good?

Put the customer first

No matter how much money or effort goes into a digital media strategy, if the customer hasn’t been targeted correctly, nothing will come of it. The customer still has to make a purchase decision. If your message or ad doesn’t click with your audience, they’re simply going to view it as another blind ad. Before implementing any new marketing tactic, ask the question: is the customer at the forefront of this decision?

Shift focus towards engagement

There are so many measurement metrics that are used in digital marketing campaigns, that often make it seem as though a campaign was overwhelmingly successful. However, shifting this focus towards customer-centric measurements is the best way to track real success. If your campaign has successfully targeted your ideal consumer, your brand engagement metrics should reflect this.

Don’t expect to get it right first go

A big mistake many companies make when first implementing digital marketing practices is expecting immediate results. Experimentation plays a huge role in the success of a campaign. Constantly changing and monitoring campaigns is essential. Digital media trends are constantly developing, and if you’re not keeping up, your campaign will be lost amongst the masses.

Leave your marketing to the experts

Finally, if you really want your digital marketing to step up a notch and assist in your overall business success, the best way to do this is to allow professional’s to handle it. Leaving this up to a company that specialises in digital marketing allows an intense focus on this aspect of your business, with the key resources needed to implement this. This is the only way to progress in this field.

Here at TPR Media, we are trusted by many well-established companies to handle the entirety of their digital media. If you’re interested in taking your digital marketing to the next level, contact us today.

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