Telling vs Inspiring Through Advertising

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Brand image is everything. Projecting this correctly is one of the biggest challenges modern-day advertisers face. The decision to tell or inspire through advertising can have a huge impact on the overall success of a campaign.

The concept of telling in advertising is often associated with simply projecting about a product or service, often falling dead on the ears of potential customers. However, it can also be viewed as telling the story of a brand. Getting audiences to understand the background story of a brand can elicit an emotional response, creating brand loyal customers. If consumers are willing to take the time to listen to your story and learn more about your brand, it’s crucial that this is told correctly. Building a strong brand presence and personality can make or break a business.

A more recent advertising approach has seen this concept of storytelling taken one step further, into the realm of inspiration. Given the rise of consumer empowerment, tailoring advertising to meet consumer’s personal standards is key. Invoking an internal feeling of inspiration and empowerment after consumers engage with your brand is key to success in this consumer-driven industry. To be at the forefront of brand recognition, having a strong brand story and element of inspiration is sure to make you hard to forget.

Whilst there are countless methods that brands can go about conveying their story or inspiring their prospective customers, the most important point is that there is a focus on this.

If you’re struggling to get customers to understand your brand, a few tips are:

  • Implement a strong and constantly updated social media presence.
  • Create newsletters to send to current and potential clients, this creates a feeling of personal interaction.
  • Show it through video content. With the highest engagement levels, it’s no question that video is valuable.

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