Review Your Reviews


Modern day business relies on reviews, across any industry or business size. Traditionally, reviews were honest responses from customers that have physically visited or had some form of experience with the business and have something positive or negative to say for the benefit of future customers.

Recent statistics show that 97% of potential customers check a company’s reviews before engaging with the business. From this, a remarkable 87% only read 10 or fewer reviews before making a judgement of the business. But, what many potential customers don’t realise is that the reviews they are reading could very likely be fake.

A shocking trend is taking place, where fake online reviews are being placed on business pages in an attempt to bring them down. The Project recently did a segment on this, with a few businesses presenting the shocking detrimental impact that this has had on them.

Given the nature of reviews policies, it is a difficult task to get them removed, requiring specialists. These reviews often come from overseas and are hard to track down. Given the extent of these issues, web companies are expanding their services to help protect businesses against fake reviews. There has also been a rise of companies that deal solely with these issues.

If your business or some you know’s business has experienced unjust online feedback, there are steps which can be taken to reduce, remove and fix the situation. In addition to this, ensuring moving forward that there is a plan in place to minimise harm and impact if it were to happen again. Contact us today for more information.

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