Why You Should Be Making Interactive Videos

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Video is great. We can all agree on that right? Content feeds are alive with eye-catching motion, enticing readers to pause and take a moment. The medium is exploding right now because it works. 54% of consumers want to see more videos from brands. In fact, one could argue video might be too popular at the moment. It seems as if everyone and their dog is filming, editing, and spreading their content far and wide across the internet like wildfire. So how does one stand out when anyone with a smartphone can be a director for a day? The answer is interactive video.

We have the technology. Long gone are the days of a viewer only able to passively watch a video. Audiences can now interact with them. With smart phones and computer, a viewer can touch, type and even speak back to their screens. The ways in which we can interact with our devices means we can design interactive experiences which prompts people to respond to what they’re watching. But why should we be encouraging the audience to participate in their own entertainment? Because it’s much more memorable.

As directors, we can engage viewers with interactive video to hold their attention for much longer and more intensely because they’re invested in the content. We craft choose-your-own adventures or pose questions to recieve answers. Not only are these options more interesting, the data which comes from this allows us to learn more about the viewer. Interactive videos are two-fold: meaningful experiences and also little surveys.

However, a video that’s interactive isn’t automatically a sure-fire success. Like anything else in front of the customer, good content is the first priority. Remember, humans are naturally curious. We want to learn more if we don’t understand. So the customer’s journey should unfold incrementally. Humans are intentional too. Achieving a goal can be a reward in itself. Also feedback is crucial. If someone thinks their actions are meaningless, they’ll become frustrated and abandon whatever they’re doing easily. Curiosity, Intentional, Rewarding. Keep these tenets in mind and your video will capture the hearts and minds of audiences.

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