Elevate Your Production With Drones

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The introduction of drones into the film sphere has taken production levels sky high (literally). Drone footage is implemented by major players in the digital marketing world. So, what’s the big deal with sending a camera a couple hundred feet up into the sky, and why should you consider this as part of your content plan?

New Perspective

Drone footage will transform your overall production. It provides an entirely unique angle and perspective on what has been seen from the ground perspective for so long. Drone footage quality is fantastic, and this bird’s eye view adds diversity and interest to your final production.


Times are changing fast, and you want to keep up. If you’re in an industry where drone footage can enhance your content (which is pretty much every industry); then you should be doing it. You don’t want your competitors to implement this and accelerate before you.

It’s a Little Bit of Fun

Remember the childhood joy of flying a kite? Now imagine that, but instead of a kite, it’s a piece of advanced technology in the air that you can watch in real-time down on the ground? Pretty cool, huh. Bet your inner child is smiling. Or, if you’re outsourcing to a production company like us, we can guarantee that watching the footage played back is just as much fun.

Social Media

Drone footage stands out on social media platforms, particularly visual platforms like Instagram. This content stands out from the rest. It gets users to stop, think and process for a minute. Short-roll drone videos also tend to get great engagement throughout all social media platforms, as the unique viewpoint of this footage engages audiences.

Here at tprmedia, we have a DJI Mavic Pro. We have shot some amazing footage with it, and probably had a bit too much fun doing so every time! We love mixing up our skillset, and adding quality drone imagery has allowed us to expand the services we offer to our clients, ensuring the best result always.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today to organise drone production to shoot your business towards the stars (again, literally)!

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