The Advantages of Re-Marketing

 In Digital Marketing

Profit is found in low hanging fruit

Any business owner experiencing growth will know who and where their low hanging fruit customers are but did you all know that Google Remarketing is the perfect automated system only focusing on these customers.

Firstly, if your business does not have Remarketing running you can contact tprmedia today for a comprehensive plan.


  • Placed into your website
    • Code is placed into your website that tracks all visitors and then pushes your Google Ads back to them.
  • Created to track a competitors website traffic
    • This type pushes your Google Ads to visitors who have visited a competitors
  • Placed into your online shopping cart
    • When people do not finish a purchase or “Drop Off” the cart this pushes your Google Ads to them.
  • Placed on your videos
    • Track who has played, viewed but not played and partially played your videos.

All of these visitors now know about you and may not be ready to buy yet. These ads are aimed at converting these low hanging fruit into customers.


  • Standard Remarketing
  • Dynamic Remarketing
  • Remarketing Lists for Search Ads
  • Video Remarketing
  • Email Remarketing

Standard Remarketing:
Pushing your ads to past visitors of your website / specified URL as they visit Display Network websites or use Display Network applications.

Dynamic Remarketing:
Your ads shown to visitors that viewed specific products or services on your website. You can put rules in place to show specific ads to very specific visitors instead of all visitors. 

Remarketing for Mobile Apps:
Pushing your ads to visitors who have either used your mobile app or mobile website.

Remarketing Lists for Ads:
Pushing ads to visitors as they do follow-up searches for what they need on Google. These look at what people are searching for and show your ads to people searching.

Video Remarketing:
Pushing your ads to visitors who have viewed your YouTube videos.

Email List Remarketing:
Upload a list of your customers’ email addresses, and when these visitors browse through different websites, they can see your display ads.


Let’s assume that you have created an amazing Remarketing Ad Set, picked the right targeting, linked them ads back to your website and you are not getting a high enough conversion rate. What can you do to maximise your conversion rate and return on your ad spend?


For each ad set you want a different (if the ads are for different things or aimed at different demographics) landing page.

For example:
A Brisbane Mum will feel more connected to a product / service if she lands on a page (once clicking on your ad) that clearly shows that this product / service is all about helping Brisbane Mums. That has nothing to do with the product and everything to do with the design of the page. Conversion rates are always higher when a lead feels a deeper connection to a product / service.

So get creating! and when you need the experts touch, tprmedia is here to maximise your conversions and increase that ROI.

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