5 Easy Steps to great Logo Design!

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What makes a great logo & how can I get one?

Your logo provides a cornerstone to your business. When we work with a client developing a new business concept, their logo is always our first port of call when setting up their marketing strategy.

All creative decisions stem from the brand identity, so it’s a process that needs to be taken very seriously. The company logo sets the tone for the business, forms a colour palette to work from and is the identity many new customers will engage with, it will help form the emotions and presumptions they associate with your company.

Is your business fun and relaxed, or serious and to the point? Does your logo need to incorporate a URL, what is the ‘personality’ of your brand?

Your logo creation involves talking through these key points and if you’re not exactly sure what you’re after, these conversations help to identify what’s at the heart of your desires for your company logo.

As seasoned veterans in marketing, we take the time to sit with you and talk through these issues, some you may have never considered. There are also necessary considerations when creating your logo, it must work on both a light and dark background and ensuring the design is made as a vector, allowing your logo to scale from small print (e.g. your business cards) to the web to billboards, this will set you up for future growth.

A great logo answers these questions and many more.

Being a defining part of your business the logo creation process is something we take very seriously and develop a perfect solution.

One of the great secrets to success is, our designers are classically trained artists.

This is not a simply copy and paste exercise incorporating whatever is the latest trend. If you haven’t seen the hipster design guide, this may give you a laugh or be even exactly what you are after, but at TPR Media, we don’t follow trends. We innovate using the most talented minds.


So if you are looking to develop something serious that both reflects the professionalism of your business and will evolve with your vusiness through the years, take the time to meet with the team at TPR Media. We will start at square one and help you to develop your concept into a professional logo that represents your vision for your brand.

To recap, here’s what it takes to make a great logo:

1. Develop a clear vision, who is your target market and what is the personality of your business

2. What is the colour palette you are looking to work with, remember less is more!

3. Ensure your logo works in reverse on light and dark backgrounds

4. Creative process, sketching the vision to bring the concept to life

5. Make sure your logo is created a vector, so you have a range of flies to then work with, including PNG, JPEG, AI, and EPS to ensure you can scale and keep the clarity and quality of your logo.


Remember, you have to love it!

This is the first touch point in your business and when you hand out a business card, flyer or put an ad online, this will demonstrate to your audience the type of company you are. As they say in the classics, you only have one chance to make a first impression, so make sure it’s a great one!

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