Given the nature of the Facebook scandal at the moment, users are at their most aware about what they share and what privacy really means on the sites through which they share every inch of their lives. A recent issue experienced in the world of social networking was the introduction
In the modern digital age, users have more power than ever before. The rise of social media networks has brought users together and given them an increased ability to dictate the ultimate success of these platforms.  Popular social networking application Snapchat has recently been under fire following it’s latest update.
Let’s start at the top with the question so many clients ask. What is branding? I think I already have it, don’t I? I’ve got my logo and it’s on my stationary and products, that’s branding, right? To put it succinctly, the answer to the first question is usually; you
Great graphic design is a creative process. It takes time, care, experience, and most importantly, it takes an open dialogue. What is the purpose of the design, what are you looking to achieve? The key to remember is that behind every design you are telling a story. You have to
What makes a great logo & how can I get one? Your logo provides a cornerstone to your business. When we work with a client developing a new business concept, their logo is always our first port of call when setting up their marketing strategy. All creative decisions stem from the brand
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